De’ Décor is the world’s largest producer of curtain and upholstery fabrics. Their main intention is to have excellence in performance, quality and innovation in home furnishing fabrics. The products are designed by top-class in-house Italian designers. The brand consists of a wide portfolio comprising of curtains, upholstery fabric, ready-mades and many more. D ‘Décor is well known for its premium designs, high quality finish and quality. It offers international quality designer fabrics in wide variety and colours.

Furnistaa is firmly established in the home furnishing fabric industry. We offer a mesmerising range of designer furnishing collection in beautiful textures and vibrant colours. Our unmatched range of D’ Décor sheer curtains has earned world-wide appreciation. We are the leading distributors of D’ Décor upholstery fabrics in India. Get luxuriously created D’ Décor main curtains and latest D’ Décor outdoor fabrics to give a new appearance to your home décor.

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